Now Enrolling for Summer and Fall 2016!

What will you do for that long summer break?
and Have you thought about Back To School!
Music expands our minds and hearts!
No matter what age you are, this is a great time to study
voice, guitar, ukulele, bodhran, or penny whistle .
If you are interested in private lessons, please contact me by phone 918-231-6413 or
by email at jetbutterfly at gmail dot com to set up an interview!
Please know that the studio is running nearly full and limited late afternoon and evening spaces are available. A wait list has started for some days.

Finding the right teacher is important. I conduct an interview before accepting students into the studio so that we may meet, see if our personalities and goals are similar, and answer questions.
I want this to be a rewarding experience. I am humbled and honoured to be in demand; however, I reserve the right to grant acceptance to potential students after an interview. This is not based on level of talent. It is based on commitment to study, focus, and goals.
I expect my students to rehearse, be prepared for every lesson, arrive on time, and be willing to try new techniques and song styles. In other words,
Be Brave!
It's all in you!

Summer Voices Camp!

July 11 - 15, 2016!
10am - 1pm

Five days of Music, Acting, and Art, while working on overcoming shyness, building confidence and generally allowing silliness and such to occur.

8 students max. Ages 8 - 13

$220 for 5 days.
Includes music and materials.
Discounts for current students and families.

After my recent tour in London and Paris,
I have loads of great art history activities and new music that I am so excited to bring to this event. We will study several different art movements, delve into Shakespeare, explore the ancient history of Stonehenge, and MORE! Plus will have loads of zany games, cool crafts, and musical activities that make learning FUN!

10am - 1pm Monday - Friday
July 11 - 15, 2016

To save your child's space
call 918-231-6413

or email
jetbutterfly at gmail dot com

What made this camp different?

This camp is smaller in size - 8 students max .We work on overcoming shyness, building confidence in singing, acting and improvisation. We push ourselves beyond our usual comfort zone to find more about our imaginations and creative hearts.

I am very proud of all the campers!
I hope that this experience will help them with the upcoming school year in music, art, history, and social situations.

This camp takes place at the caboose, the stage, and in other grassy knolls of Country Village. Discounts available for families and current students.

Lunch is not provided. Students will need to bring lunch and snacks to camp every day as well as a water bottle. Students should dress in comfortable clothing that allows movement and are fine for doing crafts. Proper shoes are suggested so all toes are safe in the event of running, jumping, and general frolicking. Cell phones will need to be stowed for all camp activities. Thank you!

Students ROCK!
the Spring Voice Recital

Spring Recital Success!! Twelve brave souls performed for their friends and family on the 22nd of May at a private recital held at Soul Food Coffee House in Redmond. We had guitar, ukulele and voice performances in a variety of styles and genres. I am so proud of every student! Thanks to the family and friends who attended.


Syren's Voice hosts 3 recitals per year. The Spring and Winter Recitals are private events for Studio students, families and friends. The Summer recital is open to the public and anyone may attend.

While performing at a recital is never required, it is highly recommended as performance is part of the music process. Recital preparation includes performance coaching and microphone training. We create a gentle environment to build confidence and give opportunities to take chances.

To learn more about my music projects visit

My Tour Schedule

Touring is important to my profession. I am a full time teacher, but also a full time musician.
I am always pushing the bar to become a better performer. Touring keeps my professional performing side in check. I have been fortunate to tour in Ireland, Scotland, England, Turkey, Poland, France, and extensively throughout the US and Canada. From new styles to new instruments, I keep pushing the bar higher!

I usually tour 2 weeks out of the year. I do my very best to make sure our lessons do not fall to the way side and that every student gets attention before and after my times away.

Singers Guitar and Ukulele Lessons
Singer's Guitar Lessons -- Learn to sing and play guitar! Get ready for that open mic or just learn the basics of backing yourself up! Basic guitar theory and alternate tunings also offered.

Learn the Ukulele! After much demand, I am happy to offer these lessons to young and old!
Ukulele is perfect for young students with smaller hands. It builds finger dexterity and strumming skills. And it's just plan FUN! Call to schedule a time or add it to your current lesson.

"Music has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young." - Aristotle

Ever wanted to write a song? Have a song that you need to polish? Don't even know where to begin? I can help. I have been writing songs for over 15 years..Like many artists forging her craft, I have learn a few things about what makes a good song and what makes a so-so song. I have received several awards for my songs and have had a few semi famous folks sing them. This has been very humbling. I offer private Songcraft lessons and, at times, will host a SongCraft Workshop on weekend afternoons. Please let me know if you are interested!

Give the Gift of Music

Gift Certificates are available in any amount and can be used for Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Celtic Studies and Summer classes! This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in trying out lessons!

Please call 918-231-6413 for details!

Record Your Progress!
Make a CD for loved ones!

Fall is the perfect time to record a CD for your family or loved one! Recording possibilities are open to currently enrolled students at a special price. Recording periodically helps the student fine tune problem areas and helps define performance goals. It is a great tool and so much fun! Makes the perfect gift!
Call for details 918-231-6413

Thinking about taking lessons? Please call for an interview. 918-231-6413

Let's discuss your goals, answer questions, and give you the piece of mind to know that Syren's Voice is THE place to study VOICE! Fae has over 14 years professional performance experience. She is Musikgarten certified and she holds a BFA in Theatre Performance.
Her students range from age 5 to 75! She has special need students too!
Her philosophy is simple... Music is fun and EVERY child is musical!

Syren's Voice Studio
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